What Is The Most Powerful Electric Outboard Motor?

It is the E-Motion 180E by Vision Marine Technologies. Vision Marine Technologies also held this title with its previous motor, the Evoy Pro.

Ever wondered how fast an electric outboard motor could go compared to traditional internal combustion engines and if they could compete? Keep reading to find out!

I’ll also go through the most powerful ones through various price ranges. So if you are in the market and looking for electric power propulsion but need to know which is the best, I have you covered.

🦾 What Is The Most Powerful Electric Outboard Motor?

The most powerful e-outboard motor is, to date, the E-Motion 180E by Vision Marine Technologies. Not only does Vision Marine Technologies make this motor, but it also has the privilege of making the previous most powerful electric outboard motor.

The Evoy Pro is a 90kW nominal outboard motor that was released in 2021 that had a peak performance of (120/200hp). Due to its magnetic torque, it could be compared to a 150hp petrol outboard motor (runs on gas).

Vision Marine technologies have since upped their game and released the E-Motion 180E, which is a step up from the Evoy Pro and has an incredible 180hp with peak power at around 230hp.

With a supremely designed and built high voltage power train and a 70 KWH scalable power bank, the E-Motion 180E is perfect for day boaters giving a consistent 180hp that is purely electric.

To make the transition of speaking about kW and horsepower easier try out our calculator below and discover your outboards kW output from its horsepower equivalent:

Mechanical Horsepower to Kilowatt Calculator

Mechanical Horsepower to Kilowatt Calculator

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The Most Powerful Electric Outboard Engine For $500

You don’t get many outboard electric motors for $500 that are as powerful as you would hope, but the Newport Vessels Kayak Series does come close.

You can pick this outboard motor up for around $200 when it is on special. I love this motor as it can dish out 55 lbs of thrust and has a 24-inch fiberglass shaft.

This can be placed at varying depths, and due to its robustness, it offers dependable performance over a lifetime.

This little powerhouse also comes with an 8-speed variable motor catering for five (5) forward speeds and three (3) speeds in reverse.

The motor head is made from aluminum and is corrosion resistant thanks to stainless-stell, Zinc, and Magnesium parts. Thus, it is salt-water-rated and can withstand years of punishment.

Lastly, the motor only weighs approximately 32 lbs and has extra long battery cables, so placement of it should be easy enough no matter how awkward you think the positioning to fit it to your boat may be.

The Most Powerful Electric Outboard Boat Motor Between $1,000 And $2,000

If you want to spend $1,000 or slightly more on an electric outboard motor with substantial power behind it, consider the Minn Kota Terrova Bow Trolling Motor.

You can get this beast between the price range of $1,500 to about $2,200, depending on how powerful you would like to go.

The thrust options are between 50lbs, 80lbs, and 112lbs. Moreover, you are also able to select between three voltages for the motor you would like. They are 12, 24, and 36.

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Choosing a higher voltage with more thrust will result in a faster and more powerful motor, so this is something to keep in mind when making your decision.

One great aspect of this motor is that it has what is called digital maximizer technology. Essentially this allows the motor to run up to 5 times longer, meaning you can stay out on the water longer without the need not to worry.

It also sports universal sonar two technology, protecting and concealing the motor, including the wiring, connectors, and transducer. This will promote long life by increasing the motor’s reliability to a large degree.

You won’t be disappointed by the shaft or prop either because this little motor is quite powerful, and the shaft is said to be indestructible and guaranteed for life.

While the prop features the “weedless wedge 2” design that makes moving through weed banks a breeze.

The Most Powerful Electric Outboard Motor For Over $2,000

If you are looking at something with a bit more torque and have some cash to spend, consider an electric outboard motor that can push up to 1,5 tons, equivalent to 3HP.

Enter the Travel 1103 CS Torqeedo Outboard Electric Motor. You can learn everything you want about this motor by reading the brochure, but I will give you the winning points.

This motor features the highest overall efficiency for its power class and is the lightest. In fact, this motor has been the best in its power class for about 16 years and is also said to be the quietest.

The motor boasts a dynamic response to throttling, and this is thanks to durable direct drive. Finally, I touched on how light it is (it’s only 38 lbs), and this is considering it features a 915Wh battery.

You should also consider that this motor is built with some style in its sleek white, orange, and grey design. So if you are looking for a motor that is not only the most powerful in its weight class but also looks great, then you should take a look at it.

The Most Powerful Electric Outboard Motor For Over $3,000

Now we are getting to some serious power (for electric outboard motors, that is) with an engine that can deliver 115lbs of thrust and is equivalent to a 5hp propulsive gas-powered engine.

Interestingly enough, it is another motor from Torqeedo, aptly named the Cruise 2.0 T Electric Outboard.

This motor’s input power in watts is a staggering 2,000W and has a max propeller speed of 1,300rpm. That is quite something considering that it only weighs 38.6 lbs.

Not only is the motor quite powerful, but it is also rugged in terms of design. It features a polymer plain bearing that is lubricant-free and a pylon made from marine-grade anodized aluminum. This makes it resistant to debris and suitable for very harsh conditions out on the water.

Unlike other motors, this one is unique in that it features an onboard computer with a GPS. This will allow you to view the speed in input power in real-time via the display.

Also, if the motor is used with the Power 26-104 lithium battery, the remaining estimated range and battery status will also be displayed.

Compared to the previous motor on this list (the Travel 1103 CS), the design is similar, featuring the unique sleek orange, white, and grey that Torqeedo is known for.

However, this model gives off more of a sharp and angular feel. It is still beautiful nonetheless, and if you are looking for a motor with maximum power under the $4,000 mark, this is the winner. 

❓ FAQs

How Big Of An Electric Motor Do I Need For My Boat?

A good general rule of thumb is that for every 100 lbs (pounds) of boat weight, you will need 2 lbs (pounds) of thrust. It will help if you remember that the weight will include the boat, gear, and people.

What’s The Fastest Electric Boat Motor?

The world’s fastest electric boat motor is said to be Vision Marine’s V32. It has broken the world record by achieving a speed that is 109mph.

🔑 Key Takeaways

You now know that Vision Marine Technologies make the most powerful outboard electric motors in the world, with the E-Motion 180E being their latest addition. They also held the title with their previous model, the Evoy Pro.

1️⃣ For less than $500, the most powerful motor is the Newport Vessels Kayak Series.

2️⃣ $1000-$2000: Minn Kota Terrova Bow Trolling Motor

3️⃣ $2000-$3000: Travel 1103 CS from Torqeedo

4️⃣ If you have more than $3000 to spend, then the Cruise 2.0 T Electric Outboard, also by Torqeedo, is the most powerful in that price bracket.

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