MotorGuide Tour Pro Problems [Issues & Fixes]


While generally reliable, as with any mechanical device, some problems will periodically occur with this trolling motor.

At a Glance: 

1️⃣ Some anglers have issues with the GPS/Anchor system not holding position. This can generally be traced to the foot pedal and cables which join it to the motor.

2️⃣ A federal product recall issue involves the boat’s anchor lock function, which makes the boat move haphazardly.

3️⃣ If the GPS and compass have not been properly calibrated, we provide the steps to correct this.

4️⃣ Finally, we cover general troubleshooting tips for common issues which affect all trolling motors.

The Tour Pro trolling motor is the flagship product from MotorGuide, perfect for anyone who wants to take their boat out and maybe enjoy some bass fishing.

It is one of the only genuine cable steering systems and comes equipped as standard with Anchor, Jog, Heading Lock, Cruise Control, and GPS.

This durable product meets most anglers’ needs, and with its assisted lift systems, it does not need any back-breaking effort to deploy or store the motor.

But let’s delve deeper into some common issues and their fixes:

Troubleshooting GPS/Anchor

There are two symptoms associated with this issue:

  • The motor behaves erratically and seems to stutter left and right when the anchor lock is set.
  • When the motor is deployed, the foot pedal immediately deploys down to the maximum heel-down position.

Before you get alarmed and call the dealer, check the following:

  • Ensure that the foot pedal and motor head are fully aligned.
  • Ensure that the cable between the foot pedal and the motor head is not twisted.
  • Check the tension control under the front of the pedal where the cable goes in. At this position, there is a Phillips screw which you should adjust until there is between ¼ and 1/8th inch of play in the peddle.

When you have checked and corrected the above issues, calibrate the foot pedal with the following steps:

  1. Hold the remote-control unit.
  2. Ensure that the remote control is paired with the motor.
  3. Hold the Button marked “M” and press the following buttons in sequence 2,8,4.
  4. When the pedal has finished the calibration, hold the Button marked “M” and press the following buttons in sequence 2,8,5.

Following these steps, the problem should be resolved.

🛥 The Boat Does Not Hold Heading Or Position In Anchor Mode 

If the motor keeps losing Heading and/or Position In Anchor Mode, this may be caused by a system fault which is the subject of a federal recall notification.

If this is the situation and recalibrating the system does not resolve the problem, it may be due to the issues associated with the recall notice.

MotorGuide suggests that the trawling motor is taken through to an authorized dealer who will check the system and confirm whether the recall issue causes the problem.

They are developing a fix for this problem, and once this has been produced, the company advises that they will contact clients to arrange for the free installation of the modified components. 

If you are not in receipt of this letter and believe your motor is affected, the company recommends registering the product.

In the meantime, they suggest that anchor mode not be used.

All other motor functions continue to operate normally, and the motor is safe to use.

Details of the recall can be found at the following link.

🧭 MotorGuide Tour Pro Trolling Motor GPS Calibration & Alignment Calibration

If the motor has not been calibrated or you are unhappy with the Tour Pro’s operation, we recommend that you calibrate the GPS and compass. The process to complete the calibration is as follows:

The Keel Alignment Calibration (Code M112).

The function of the alignment process is to allow the system to establish where the center of the boat is.

  1. Drive the boat out to an open and calm part of the lake.
  2. Power the motor on and deploy it.
  3. Ensure the remote is paired.
  4. Hold the Button marked “M” and simultaneously press the following buttons in sequence 1,1,2.

The tour pro will emit a tone that indicates the calibration is complete.

The GPS/Compass Alignment (Code M111).

  1. Leave the directional indicator of the MotorGuide Tour Pro pointed forward.
  2. Hold the Button marked “M” and simultaneously press the following buttons in sequence 1,1,1.
  3. At the same location, use the boat’s main engine to drive in 2/3 260-degree circles.

The alignment is finished when the light on the pedal control is extinguished.

📋 General Troubleshooting

The following lists several issues that may go wrong with any electric trolling motor:

The MotorGuide Tour Pro Experiences A Loss Of Power

This may be caused by one of two main issues.

Issue 1 – Electrical

1.1 – Low battery chargeThe battery has a low charge.Check the charge state of the battery and recharge as required.
1.2 – Loose connectionsThe battery connections are loose.Tighten the clamps if the cable connected to the battery is loose.
1.3 – Corrosion on terminalsThere is corrosion on the battery terminals.Clean the corrosion off the terminals using an emery cloth.
1.4 – Damaged/wrong wiringThe wiring is damaged or of the wrong gauge.Ensure a 6 gauge cable is used between the battery and the motor.

Issue 2 – The Propellor Is Contaminated

Pull the motor out of the water and check if seaweed or other contaminants restrict the propellor movement.

🪛 Fix: Remove any debris which is restricting the propellor.

The Motor Is Producing Excessive Noise And / Or Vibration

There are two possible reasons for this.

Issue 1 – The Propellor Shaft May Be Bent

🪛 Fix: Check out the warranty conditions and contact the company or an approved dealer.

Issue 2 – The Propeller Is Loose, Damaged, Or Off‑Balance

Pull the propellor out of the water and check its condition.

🪛 Fix: If the propellor appears to be damaged, remove it as follows.

  1. Remove the propeller nut with a 9/16 in. wrench or a ratchet.
  2. Slide the propellor off the shaft.
  3. If the propeller does not come off easily, gently tap the rear of the blade with a rubber mallet. 
  4. If this does not work and you still cannot remove the propeller, we recommend that you ask an approved dealer for help.
  5. Install the replacement propellor using each of the removal steps in reverse.

Complete Failure Of The MotorGuide Tour Pro Motor

If the motor fails and won’t move at any speed, the problem will be caused by one of the following electrical issues.

Issue #ProblemFix
1The battery has a low charge.Check the charge state of the battery and recharge as required.
2The battery connections are loose.If the cable connected to the battery is loose, tighten the clamps.
3Corrosion on the battery terminals.If corrosion is present, use an emery cloth to clean the corrosion off the terminals.
4A fuse or circuit breaker issue.Install a new fuse or reset the circuit breaker. If the problem arises again, have the system checked by an authorized dealer to prevent any damage to the motor.


Does MotorGuide Have A Warranty? 

After-sales product support and the ability to correct problems and provide advice after the sale are just as important as choosing a feature-rich product.

The good news is that they provide an acceptable warranty covering the motor.

The broad terms of the warranty are summarized in the following table.

Warranty ItemMotorGuide
Overall warranty periodsMotorGuide has a 2-Year warranty from the date of purchase
Warranty on shaftMotorGuide Composite Shaft Limited Lifetime Warranty
Warranty On accessoriesMotorGuide has a 1-Year warranty from the date of purchase
2nd Owner transferWarranty coverage is to the original purchaser only.

Is MotorGuide Made In China? 

In the 1960s, G.H. Harris of Jackson, Mississippi, partnered with a manufacturer of clocks to design and build a trolling motor steering mechanism that the fisherman could operate with his foot.

The company continued to develop in America until its eventual sale to the Brunswick Corporation In 1984.

It is now a brand “housed” in the same ownership stable as the Mercury Marine operating company.

The motors continue to be manufactured in America.

Do MotorGuide Trolling Motors Have Fuses?

There are no fuses built into the system on trolling motors. 

The fuse should be installed into the positive power supply cable from the battery to the motor.

The United States Coast Guard standard requires a fuse or circuit breaker to be “as close as practicable to the battery” 46 CFR 120/183.350(g).

🔑 Key Takeaways

MotorGuide Tour Pro’s most common issues, such as incorrect calibration, kinked steering cables, or overly tight steering cable tension screws, can be easily resolved with a few simple adjustments.

By comparing Minn Kota and MotorGuide like the video above, you can effectively troubleshoot your MotorGuide Tour Pro. Or gain insights from common Lowrance Ghost problems to further enhance your trolling motor knowledge.

Additionally, looking at some Minn Kota issues or Garmin Force fixes will further enhance your ability to address these concerns.

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