Bixpy Vs Torqeedo | Which Should You Buy?

If you are a first-time buyer considering electric motors, your choice between Bixpy and Torqeedo will hinge on your use case.

For instance, some kayaks, such as the Vibe Shearwater 125, are “Bixpy ready,” meaning they are designed to integrate seamlessly with the Bixpy motor system.

Conversely, if your vessel is better suited for heavier-duty applications or requires a more powerful motor, Torqeedo’s range might provide the compatibility and performance needed.

Brand Reputation and History

Both manufacturers have grown from start-up workshops in their private home garages, and each one has entered the market because, at the time, there was no alternative solution.


Bixpy was established after the founder, Houman Nikmanesh, found himself drifting off the San Diego coast in a Hobie Island sailboat, exhausted and battling to get home.

When he eventually reached land, he started investigating the technologies available to retrofit kayaks and small dinghies with low-powered, highly efficient electric motors.

The first product was launched in 2017. Bixpy makes a small electric motor system that can be used on kayaks, rubber ducks, conventional boats, canoes, and paddleboards.

The company also manufactures battery technology and accessories to support the product.


Torqeedo was founded in 2004 in a small garage on Lake Starnberg in Southern Bavaria, Germany, by Dr. Christoph Ballin and Dr. Friedrich Böbel.

The name “Torqeedo” refers to the high torque values this manufacturer’s products produce.

Today the German manufacturer is considered one of the leaders in the electric marine motor propulsion industry and sells some of the most advanced electric outboard motors ranging in power from 1hp to 80 hp.

Product Range And Prices: Bixpy vs Torqeedo

These are two vastly different companies aimed at completely separate parts of the industry. But to better understand the market, let’s explore further.


Bixpy has concentrated on developing a single motor and related accessories for powering kayaks, inflatable boats, canoes, and paddleboards.

Previously they had the J-1 and J-2 but have since removed those products. They still sell accessories for those deprecated models. The details of the Bixpy K-1 motor are listed below:

ModelHorsepowerBattery TypeRecommended Retail Price
Bixpy K-1 Motor1.0 HP6-volt LiFePO4 cells (Lithium Ion battery cells)$699.00
  • Mounting adaptor from $189
  • Bixpy Outboard Battery from $699


Torqeedo electric motors are brushless and deploy magnets that rotate around the stator, which Torqeedo claims produce higher levels of torque than equivalently sized electric outboard motors from other manufacturers.

Part of the increased torque is due to the rare earth magnets Torqeedo uses. They claim that these magnets installed on the motor stators have 5 to 6 times the strength of regular batteries.

The result is that Torqeedo claims their electric motors produce up to twenty times (20X) more torque than the equivalent competitor products.

Torqeedo has developed an impressive range of ten electric outboard motors, three electric inboard units, and three pod drives for sailing boats from three to ten tons. The Torqeedo range is listed below.

ModelHorsepowerBattery TypeRecommended Retail Price
Ultralight 403 A/AC1.0 HPIntegrated Li-ion battery$1,999.00
Ultralight 1103 AC3.0 HPIntegrated Li-ion battery$2,899.00
Travel 6032.0 HPIntegrated Li-ion battery$2,248.00
Travel 1103 C3.0 HPIntegrated Li-ion battery$2,948.00
Cruise 3.06.0 HPExternal Power 24-3500 battery or AGM / lead-gel battery (Customer supplies)$4,298.00
Cruise 6.09.9 HPExternal Power 48-5000 battery or AGM / lead-gel battery (Customer supplies)$4,298.00
Cruise 12.0 R Torq Link25.0 HPExternal Power 48-5000 battery or AGM / lead-gel battery (Customer supplies)$4,898.00
Cruise 12.0 FP Torq Link25.0 HPExternal Power 48-5000 battery or AGM / lead-gel battery (Customer supplies)$4,898.00
Deep Blue 2540.0 HPA high-voltage battery, part of the Deep Blue Lithium high-performance battery system (Customer supplies)$10,599.00
Deep Blue 5080.0 HPA high-voltage battery, part of the Deep Blue Lithium high-performance battery system (Customer supplies)$10,599.00

Application and Use Cases

Whether you enjoy kayak fishing or require a motor for small vessels, it’s important to choose a motor that offers reliability and efficiency in your specific setting.

For kayak anglers, the choice between Bixpy and Torqeedo often comes down to the unique demands of kayak fishing.

If you value lightweight solutions for ease of paddling, a Bixpy motor is notable for its reduced weight.

It’s designed to offer assistance in dead stretches of river or when you need a short burst of power to reach your fishing spot without disturbing the aquatic life.

Notably, some fishing kayaks, like the Vibe Shearwater 125, come Bixpy ready, ensuring seamless integration.

For inflatable boats and small vessels, motor adaptability and flexibility are crucial.

The Bixpy J-2 Motor offers a vast array of adapters which provides compatibility with almost any boat type.

In contrast, Torqeedo motors come equipped with a wider range of accessories as standard, allowing them to be an efficient choice, particularly for small vessels that may benefit from enhanced motor features.

Both freshwater and saltwater environments pose different challenges for motors.

Saltwater’s corrosive nature demands that the motor be sufficiently protected to prevent damage.

Both Bixpy And Torqeedo make extensive use of plastics in the construction of their products, and each advertises that their products are suitable for use in both fresh water and seawater.

Frequently Asked

Bixpy motors are known for their lightweight design, with the Bixpy J-2 Motor being nearly 1/10th the weight of certain Torqeedo models. In terms of thrust, the Bixpy J-2 produces 450 watts, whereas comparable Torqeedo models offer a range from 180 to 540 watts.

While precise battery life can depend on usage, Bixpy motors have been reported by users to sustain up to 8-10 hours on a single charge. This may vary based on the specific model and operational conditions. Torqeedo’s battery life varies significantly across different models and usage scenarios.

Torqeedo offers a broad range of products. These options vary from 1hp to 80hp, such as their Torqeedo Ultra Light and Torqeedo Travel motors. Meanwhile, Bixpy’s product line is more focused on portability. It includes the lightweight K-1 motor.

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