How To Measure An Outboard Shaft Length [Correctly]

The measurement of an electric outboard motor shaft must include the transom height, the propellor’s radius, and an additional margin of between 4 to 10 inches to allow for different hull shapes. 🔑 Key Takeaways 1️⃣ To ensure optimum performance, the electric outboard motor must be set up correctly, and one of the critical measurements…

Long Shaft Vs Short Shaft Outboard | What’s The Difference

The main difference between a long-shaft outboard motor and a short-shaft motor outboard is the length of the shaft. 🔑 Key Takeaways: 1️⃣ The optimal shaft length of the outboard motor is determined by measuring the required height of the transom and then matching this with the most suitable model. 2️⃣ Fitting the most appropriate…

How Long Does An Electric Boat Motor Last?

Depending on the electric motor model, frequency of usage, brand, and maintenance, it will have a life expectancy of five to fifteen years. Like combustion engines, electric motors come in different sizes and power levels. So, electric motors on the market are sold with different designs and batteries. These factors affect the motor’s life expectancy….


What Is The Most Powerful Electric Outboard Motor?

It is the E-Motion 180E by Vision Marine Technologies. Vision Marine Technologies also held this title with its previous motor, the Evoy Pro. Ever wondered how fast an electric outboard motor could go compared to traditional internal combustion engines and if they could compete? Keep reading to find out! I’ll also go through the most…

A [Brief] Guide To Charging Boat Batteries With Solar Panels

This article discusses the principles that must be followed when installing solar panels on a boat. We also highlight factors to consider when choosing the solar panels, batteries, and other components that make up a solar battery charger system. The rise of electric outboard (and inboard) marine motors has created a new dictionary with previously…

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